Preparing for New License Plate Recognition

Parking decals will not be needed in the new parking enforcement system when we begin the next school year.
University of Arkansas Transit and Parking

Parking decals will not be needed in the new parking enforcement system when we begin the next school year.

The U of A Transit and Parking department is transitioning to an all-digital form of issuing and monitoring parking permits using License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, which will increase the efficiency for the university while making the process more convenient for the campus community.

For the motorists on campus, this will only mean two changes:

  • You will have an electronic permit (e-permit) instead of a decal or sticker. When purchasing a parking permit, you will register your vehicle or vehicles by providing the license plate number. In short, your plate becomes your parking permit.
  • When parking on campus, motorists will need to park with the plate facing the drive lane (front-in). You will not be able to back into a space or pull through a parking space, unless your vehicle is licensed in a state that has a license plate on both the front and the rear. If you have only a rear license plate (as required in Arkansas) you may purchase an identification plate for the front of your vehicle from Transit and Parking. The front plate is not required, but will be sold at cost for those who wish to back in or pull through. On campus, the requirement that your license plate must face the drive lane will not begin until Aug. 1.

The transition to LPR begins in April, leading up to full implementation for the start of the fall semester in August. During the transition period, parking enforcement personnel will use the technology to monitor parking areas, but motorists will still have a parking decal to indicate that they have purchased the appropriate parking permit.

Once your existing permit expires, you will not need to get a new decal, but you will need to have secured a new e-permit.

For more LPR information please see our list of frequently asked questions.

Transit and Parking is committed to a smooth transition to LPR. If you have questions, we're here to help. Visit or call 479 575-PARK (7275).


David Wilson, communications director
Transit and Parking


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