New Exhibition 'Chill Tonic' Opens This Week at the Inn at Carnall Hall

Elizabeth Alspach

A new exhibition is opening this week. Join in from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 5 for the Opening Reception of Chill Tonic: Special Topics in Artistory*!

art (n.) early 13c., "skill as a result of learning or practice"

history (n.) from Greek historia "knowledge obtained by inquiry"

*artistory (n.) early 21c., "a tool for inquiry that results in knowledge or skill"

School of Art M.F.A. student Elizabeth Alspach and curator Laurel Lamb from the University of Arkansas Museum are behind this unique exhibit. It's been a special experience for them coming from two different disciplines — art and history. The installation asks how the two fields can collaborate to uncover meaningful notions for the present and serve as a vehicle for understanding our collective experience in an ever-changing world, as well as explores the background of Inn at Carnall Hall.

It's an exhibit that will appeal to both history and art lovers!

Chill Tonic will be free to visit and open Dec. 5-15.

The exhibition is part of a larger Arkansas Artistories project Alspach and Lamb will continue to work on this coming spring 2020 semester.

For updates on the project, visit the Instagram @arartistories.


Laurel Lamb, curator
University of Arkansas Museum


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