Employee Spotlight: Abi Moser

Abi Moser's journey from student to teaching assistant to seasoned Blackboard support coordinator embodies resilience, determination and a passion for empowering others.
Rachel Gerner

Abi Moser's journey from student to teaching assistant to seasoned Blackboard support coordinator embodies resilience, determination and a passion for empowering others.

Abi Moser's story is not just about her individual successes, but a testament to the university's commitment to fostering growth and providing unwavering support to its community members. 

Moser's connection with the university runs deep, dating back to 2001. She started her academic pursuits after her high school graduation, when her son was three months old. Juggling the responsibilities of parenthood alongside her academic pursuits, Moser embarked on a remarkable journey, pursuing a double major in communication and in anthropology, with a minor in Spanish. Her determination to excel saw her graduate cum laude in 2006. During her undergraduate studies, Moser studied abroad in Spain with her three-year-old son.  

"I'd take my son to preschool every day," Moser said. "He'd go to class and learn Spanish words; I'd go to my class and learn my Spanish history. The U of A completely supported me in achieving my Spanish degree." 

After she finished her undergraduate degree, Moser began working as a server in a local restaurant. One of the communication instructors reached out and invited her to apply to the graduate program. With the instructor's mentorship and guidance, Moser applied and received a teaching assistantship position. Balancing multiple jobs in the service industry while pursuing her graduate degree, Moser's work ethic and drive for excellence were evident. During this time, her path intersected with educational technology, laying the foundation for her future role as a Blackboard support specialist. 

As a teaching assistant, Moser attended a training with Chris Bray, the Blackboard administrator. After the training, she made several suggestions on how Bray could improve the training. Moser had been an early adopter of digital technologies for classroom management and had already been informally training her colleagues on how to track and upload grades. Bray appreciated her initiative and ideas. Before she graduated, she was accepted to the newly created role of Blackboard support specialist. 

Moser's transition from a technician to a strategic leader within the Blackboard support team in 2022 underscores her adaptability and commitment to professional development. As the university's Blackboard support coordinator, Moser plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless access to educational resources for thousands of students and faculty members. Her journey reflects a deep-seated passion for problem-solving and a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others. 

"It's been a mental shift to go from a technician to a strategic role. I love solving problems for others. Now, as a leader, I'm still troubleshooting and offering Blackboard support, but I'm doing it for my team, and now my team supports the thousands of individuals who call."  

Beyond her role in technology support, Moser continues to inspire as an instructor in communication, nurturing students' confidence and empowering them to overcome their insecurities. Her dedication to lifelong learning is exemplified by her desire to use the university's employee tuition benefit to pursue a master's degree in adult and lifelong learning.

"No matter where my career goes with learning technology and Blackboard, that degree will help me serve students," Moser said.  

Moser's impact extends far beyond the confines of her office walls. She values the university's benefits, including flexible work arrangements and generous retirement options, providing her with the stability needed to support her family.  For example, as technology has improved, she can accept calls when she's working from her home office or in her office in Fayetteville's downtown Global Campus. This flexibility has helped with her pursuits outside of the office, such as fostering dogs.  

"Retirement and health insurance are so important to me as a single mom. A few years ago, I showed my dad my retirement account, and he got tears in his eyes: 'You're going to be okay.'"  

Moser appreciates knowing that catastrophic leave is available for employees and has known colleagues who used the additional time to support their family members with a cancer diagnosis.  

The next challenge Moser and her team face is the campus transition to Blackboard Ultra. She and her team have been facilitating training across campus and working diligently to update the hundreds of articles on the Teaching Innovation and Pedagogical (TIPS ) and Blackboard Help (bbhelp) website. The Blackboard Help Desk's dedication to service is reflected in their extended operating hours, ensuring that help is always just a call away.  

The Blackboard help team provides support from: 

  • 7 a.m. to midnight, Monday through Thursday 

  • 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday 

  • 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday 

  • 11 a.m. to midnight on Sunday 

"Our goal is to never transfer someone who calls for support," Moser said. "I'm proud of the empathy and holistic support our team provides students and faculty, as well as how we solve their specific technical issue."  

Her commitment to fostering a culture of empathy and support is evident in her advice to students, encouraging them to seek assistance proactively and embrace a mindset of continuous learning. She recommends students not to wrestle with an issue for more than 15 minutes before asking for help by phone, email or by submitting a help desk ticket. 

"I want people to call. It's our job to help you," she said. "Don't get frustrated. Call us, and we'll figure it out together." 

Through her unwavering dedication and steadfast resolve, Abi Moser embodies the spirit of excellence that defines the U of A, making her an invaluable asset to the institution and a true champion of student success. 

About the Employee Spotlight Series: The employee spotlight series highlights U of A faculty and staff members, the impact they have on campus and the community more broadly, and what makes the university an employer of choice for them individually. Each U of A employee plays a critical role in advancing the 150 Forward strategic priorities: advancing student success, achieving research excellence and enhancing the university's status as an employer of choice. If you have a recommendation of an employee to interview, contact Rachel Gerner at rgerner@uark.edu.


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