Office of Student Activities Recognizes December Graduates

Clockwise from top left: Ella Marshall, Jackson Tilley, Madison Mahoney, Sergio Lopez
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Clockwise from top left: Ella Marshall, Jackson Tilley, Madison Mahoney, Sergio Lopez

The Office of Student Activities recognizes four of its undergraduate student leaders who are graduating in December.

Sergio Lopez

Lopez, an economics major from La Paz, Bolivia, has worked in the Office of Student Activities as a student support specialist since his freshman year. He was also in Associate Student Government's Freshman Leadership Forum and Senate. Outside of OSA programs, Lopez has participated in the Model United Nations and was selected as a Capitaf Scholar.

Lopez sees a direct link in his involvement experiences and his future plans. "I think that my leadership and my involvement will definitely impact my future," he said. "My ultimate goal is to change the way we look at economics, to go into the field from a leadership role. I wish to use that knowledge for the betterment of my environment, of my country and of the people around me. The skills that I learned, my role in customer service in OSA, my role as a senator in ASG and many more activities have helped me grow a lot."

Lopez recognized his supervisor, Rosa Floyd, as having a specific impact on his arrival to campus. "When I first arrived at the university, I was introduced into the office by my brother (both my older brothers worked at OSA before me), and Mrs. Rosa welcomed me instantly as part of the OSA family," he explained. "As a student that came to live far away from his country for the first time, the welcoming attitude of Mrs. Rosa made my transition from high school in Bolivia to college in the USA much easier."

After visiting Bolivia for a few months, Lopez plans to attend graduate school in economics.

Madison Mahoney

Mahoney, an international business major and French minor from St. Louis, Missouri, has been involved with Associated Student Government for four years. She served on Freshman Leadership Forum and has spent the last three years as a voting member of the Office of Financial Affairs Board, helping to fund registered student organizations through allocation of the Student Activities Fee. Additionally, Mahoney is completing the Walton Honors program, is the current vice president of Leadership Walton and serves as an Honors College ambassador.

Mahoney sees her involvement on campus as helping her understand the value of impact. "Being able to serve in leadership roles across campus has taught me a lot about how your actions can leave an impact on others, whether that be big or small," Mahoney said. "I've learned how to be very intentional in everything I do after seeing how my actions can impact people across campus, as well as how to be a better leader on teams that I'll work on in the future."

Mahoney recognized ASG adviser and OSA Assistant Director JD DiLoreto-Hill. "His passion for students and student leaders has been so refreshing in ASG," Mahoney said.

After graduation, Mahoney will join Walmart as a senior merchandising analyst in the Merchandising Development Program.

Ella Marshall

Marshall, an advertising and public relations major with a marketing minor from Smithville, Missouri, has served on Headliners Concert Committee as a member and vice chair. She's also a member of Alpha Chi Omega and has contributed to UATV and Main Hill Media.

Marshall observed the confidence and flexibility that student involvement has given her. "Throughout my time on Headliners, it has built a trust in myself to speak my mind and listen with intention," Marshall remarked. "I also have been able to learn how to find the light in nearly any situation, a feat that is required when working on flexing timelines in Headliners. Following my time at the University of Arkansas, I will be able to conduct myself in a manner that is reflective of the good I have learned from Headliners and University of Arkansas as a whole."

Marshall noted the impact that Trisha Blau, Headliners adviser and associate director of student activities, has had in her experience. "She has taught me throughout my two and half years in Headliners how to lead with empathy, but acknowledge my ideas have merit behind them. Trisha has continuously supported and pushed me towards my passions and dreams."

Following graduation, Marshall plans to continue pursuing a role in advertising or live entertainment.

Jackson Tilley

Tilley, a marketing and supply chain management major and enterprise resource planning minor from Marion, has served on ASG's Judicial board, helping to administer ASG elections and interpret questions about the ASG Code & Constitution. Additionally, he is a U of A student ambassador, a Walton ambassador, Business Communication Lab social media lead and tutor, a member of Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity, served as commercialization manager for Students Acquiring Knowledge through Enterprise and started, launched and merchandised the Walton Clothing Line.

Tilley highlighted the way his co-curricular involvement has challenged him. "I believe that my leadership and involvement on campus will benefit me within my future endeavors, career and personally because each activity has allowed me to gain a new skill, experience or push through uncomfortable situations," he said. "Being able to adapt within each situation, both in real life and on campus, through experiences from these leadership activities has given me skills needed to pursue my goals. I have been able to learn real-world business acumen, knowledge and practical problem-solving techniques, along with learning to present and talk in front of large groups of people effortlessly. I believe the skills and experiences provided here at the University of Arkansas have prepared me to take on corporate at Fortune 1, setting me up for success. I am grateful for the development, encouragement and community I have received from this office and the overall university."

Tilley recognized Carolyn Rodeffer, teaching assistant professor in the Department of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Venture Innovation, for her role in his growth. "She has challenged and pushed me to be my best since I walked into her class in the spring of 2022," Tilley said. "She has given me constant encouragement and held me to the highest standard, and for this I am very grateful. I believe the development and skills I gained within Dr. Rodeffer's classes, and the advice/practical experience she shares with her students, is valuable and a source of competitive advantage within all areas of life."

Tilley will work for Walmart's Merchandising Development Program.

The Office of Student Activities provides an environment for involvement, empowerment and collaboration through student organizations, programmatic experiences, and shared governance. OSA maximizes the U of A experience by advocating for all students, promoting intercultural understanding, and developing citizens who are prepared to positively impact their communities. The Office of Student Activities is a program in the Division of Student Affairs.

About the Division of Student Affairs: The Division of Student Affairs supports students in pursuing knowledge, earning a degree, finding meaningful careers, exploring diversity, and connecting with the global community. We provide students housing, dining, health care resources, and create innovative programs that educate and inspire. We enhance the University of Arkansas experience and help students succeed, one student at a time.


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