New Course: Italian for Romance Language Speakers I (ITAL 1113)

New Course: Italian for Romance Language Speakers I (ITAL 1113)
University of Arkansas

Do you already speak or have you already studied another Romance Language? Still looking for a course for Fall 2022? This course is made for you!

ITAL 1113: Italian for Romance Language Speakers is intended for learners who are either

1) heritage speakers of a Romance language,

2) have studied three years of a Romance language in high school or

3) have studied two years of a Romance language in college.

Designed for students with previous knowledge of another Romance language, this intensive Italian course provides an accelerated introduction to Italian, combining the material of two semesters (ITAL 1003 & ITAL 1013) into one. Attention is devoted to the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing as well as culture.

Offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:40-10:30 AM. 

Questions? Email Prof. Calabretta-Sajder at


Ryan Calabretta-Sajder, associate professor of Italian & associate director of Gender Studies


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