Presentation: 'Let's Talk About Sex' on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Jan. 26, at 5:45 p.m., join SHOO co-Presidents Grace Stoops and Cecelia Schneider as they ... talk about sex! Through workbooks, games and a presentation, you will leave the event a communication expert. You will be able to have an open conversation about what pleases you, how to communicate that to your partner and how to respond when your partner talks to you about their wants and needs.

Just by attending, you will receive a 50 percent off Adam and Eve coupon and will be entered into a drawing to receive Adam and Eve sex toys, giant microbes plush STD toys,and one of two $25 Amazon gift cards!

RSVP on Hogsync.

The Sexual Health Organization & Outreach is a registered student organization.


Grace Stoops, SHOO president
Sexual Health Organization & Outreach RSO


U of A, UA System Division of Agriculture Sign Special Agreement

Entities complete special agreement for FY22 and FY23 operations while working to finalize terms of a Memorandum of Agreement to take effect no later than FY24. 

Stellar Year for Students Receiving Nationally Competitive Awards

More than 250 students received nationally competitive scholarships, fellowships, grants and internships last year, totaling more than $2.1 million.

U of A Honors College Selects 2022 Fellows Class

The Honors College Fellowship, increased to $80,000 this year, spans four years and is awarded to top young minds, many from Arkansas.

Participants Needed for a Lunch Study

The Department of Food Science and the Center for Human Nutrition are recruiting adults over the age of 18 to participate in a study related to food intake at lunch. 

UAConnect Access to be Suspended Tomorrow for Year-End Reporting

UAConnect access will be suspended at 10 p.m. tomorrow, June 30, for end-of-year reporting purposes.

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