ASG Works with Razorback Transit to Provide Safe Ride Service

ASG Works with Razorback Transit to Provide Safe Ride Service
Parking and Transit

Students who unexpectedly find themselves in a late-night situation that is uncomfortable or difficult may contact Safe Ride on campus for assistance.

The phone number is 479 575-SAFE (7233).

The number is also included on the back of your University of Arkansas student ID.

Safe Ride is sponsored by Associated Student Government and in conjunction with Razorback Transit.

It is not intended to be a student's first choice in transportation, but exists for situations in which students need help (such as being left somewhere by those you were riding with; by not feeling comfortable about how a date is going; not feeling safe walking home, etc.)

The Transit and Parking website includes all the details for utilizing Safe Ride.

Safe Ride serves the University of Arkansas campus from 10:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Monday and Tuesday nights.  In addition, on Wednesday through Saturday nights it serves students throughout Fayetteville, from 10:30 p.m. to 3 a.m.  There is no service for Sunday nights.

Students should always make their own plans for getting home, but Safe Ride exists in the event that such plans fall through.

Safe Ride has some designated pick-up areas near Dickson Street, but the vans do not run on Dickson Street itself.  Students may arrange to get on Safe Ride at the intersection of West Avenue and Spring Street; at the Bank of America near campus; and at the post office on North St. Charles Avenue.

You may arrange to be picked up elsewhere in Fayetteville as well.

When you phone Safe Ride, you will get the dispatcher, who will take down some information to arrange to get you home.  Safe Ride can only take you to your home address as listed in the university system. (They cannot give you a ride to someone else's home or to another event within Fayetteville).

Safe Ride does not operate during inclement weather. In short, if Razorback Transit routes are cancelled, Safe Ride is not available.

Both Razorback Transit and Safe Ride provide updated announcements as needed on social media.


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