Razorback Transit Calls Attention to Reminders for Passengers

There are limits on the size of carts allowed on the bus.
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There are limits on the size of carts allowed on the bus.

As always, those who ride on Razorback Transit are certainly welcome to bring personal belongings with them (backpacks, brief cases, small carry-on bags, etc.) but there are some limitations, as spelled out in the updated Transit Rider Guide.

Here are some of the specifics:

  • Carts or storage containers brought on the bus cannot exceed 15 inches in width, 15 inches in depth and 26 inches in height.
  • Contents inside such a container must be packaged so that none are outside the container.
  • Passengers with a cart or container must sit in an area with inward facing seats, and must maintain control of the cart at all times.

Passengers should see the Transit Rider Guide for a summation of all that is expected for those who board the bus. 

In addition, please note:

  • Per federal guidelines, passengers on public transportation must continue to wear face coverings at bus stops and while on the bus.
  • The Passio GO! app is recommended for those who regularly ride Razorback Transit. It is free, and it has the latest bus information, including where the buses are in real time.
  • You may contact Razorback Transit via email at transit@uark.edu or by phoning 479 575-RIDE (7433).

David Wilson, director of communications
Transit and Parking
479-575-6089, dbw010@uark.edu


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