Parking Reminder: Windshield Decals No Longer in Use

Parking Reminder: Windshield Decals No Longer in Use
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Windshield decals are no longer used for parking permits on the U of A campus.

With the launch of a virtual permitting process for parking earlier this month, Transit and Parking has no need for the traditional physical decals. Instead, parking access will be confirmed using license plate recognition (LPR) technology. 

How Do Virtual Parking Permits Work?

When you purchase a virtual parking permit (or e-permit) you enter the license plate number for your vehicle or vehicles into the system, and at that time, your license plate becomes the identifying marker that shows you have purchased a virtual permit from Transit and Parking.

When parking control scans a parking area, they know immediately which vehicles are parked there legally and which are not.

If you receive a parking citation, parking patrol will issue it the same way as in the past, by placing an envelope on your vehicle that contains the citation.

License Plate Recognition FAQs

More information about the university's LPR system is available online.

Please send additional questions to or call 479 575-PARK (7275).


David Wilson, director of communications
Transit and Parking


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