SKY Meditation Retreat Offered Free to U of A Faculty and Staff

The SKY registered student organization is delighted to announce the online SKY Meditation Retreat offered especially for U of A faculty and staff July 13-15. The retreat is part of the SKY Campus Happiness program! This program is being offered complimentary for U of A faculty and staff through the provost's office.

The retreat offers an in-depth experience of effortless meditation, breath work, yoga and more. SKY (Sudarshan Kriya Yoga) Meditation uses cyclical, rhythmic patterns of breath to easily bring the mind and body into a state of meditation. Research has shown that SKY may reduce depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress and addictive behaviors. It significantly increases feelings of well-being, optimism and mental focus and improves emotion regulation (research on SKY Meditation and Psychology Today article).

Program Description

  • Learn a powerful evidence-based meditation that allows your mind to be clear and calm.
  • Experience tools to sustain personal well-being and happiness.
  • Understand and experience the effortless power of breathing techniques in effectively managing stress, energy, focus and negative emotions.
  • Learn new frameworks for dealing with stressful situations and enhancing communication.

Space Limited!

There are limited spots available for the SKY Meditation Retreat. Availability is first come, first serve, and requires attendance of all three sessions. To attend the retreat, please register here:

Cost: Complimentary for U of A faculty and staff.

Session timings (Zoom link will be provided after registration):

  • Tuesday, July 13
  • Wednesday, July 14
  • Thursday, July 15

Questions? Please contact or text 402-417-5826.


Kathryn Ann Sloan, vice provost for faculty affairs
Division of Academic Affairs


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