New Vehicle Charging Station in Harmon Avenue Parking Garage

New Vehicle Charging Station in Harmon Avenue Parking Garage
University of Arkansas Transit and Parking

A new vehicle charging station became available for use in the Harmon Avenue Parking Garage on April 16. It came about as the result of a joint effort between Transit and Parking, the Office for Sustainability and Facilities Management.

This is the second vehicle charging station installed on campus. The first is on level one of the Garland Avenue Parking Garage and has been in use since 2019.

The new charging station in the Harmon Garage is located on the west wall on the fourth level, just north of the elevator lobby.

Eric Boles, director for the Office for Sustainability, said he was glad that this option is in place to help students and employees who wish to bring an electric vehicle to campus.

"Electric vehicles are no silver bullet," he said, "but they're a great stepping stone. This new charging station will catalyze the transition."

Those who use charging stations in the Garland Avenue Garage or the Harmon Avenue Garage are charged $2.80 per hour with a three-hour parking limit. The charge is to pay for both the electricity and the parking. The cost is $5.80 an hour after three hours. This is to encourage briefer charging times so that others can use the charge station. Those who use the charge stations must be a member of the ChargePoint network.

Only those who are charging an electric vehicle may park in the spaces at a charging station.


David Wilson, communications director
Transit and Parking


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