Glen Dunn Named Global Campus Employee of the Quarter

Glen A. Dunn, manager of technology services for Global Campus
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Glen A. Dunn, manager of technology services for Global Campus

Glen Dunn has been named employee of the third quarter by the University of Arkansas Global Campus.

Dunn, the manager of technology services for Global Campus, was nominated for his exceptional leadership and long hours at work during a dual crises. First, Dunn played a key role in managing flood damage and repairs on three floors of the Global Campus building. Second, he helped staff get the equipment and access needed to work remotely because of COVID-19 precautions, while continuing to handle flooding issues.

"I am fortunate to work with such an amazing group of people, and it is an honor to receive this award," Dunn said.

The coworkers who nominated Dunn praised him for his vital role in dealing with two overlapping situations. On March 6, flooding from a ruptured HVAC water pipe damaged most of the fourth and fifth floors, with slightly less damage on the third. Dunn led his two-man team to identify, test, move and inventory all computers and technical equipment damaged by the water leak.

Less than two weeks later, Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz issued a work-from-home order for all non-essential personnel to limit exposure to COVID-19. Staff who had not already transitioned to remote work due to the flooding were required to vacate the Global Campus building with very short notice. Dunn worked individually with staff to ensure they had the necessary equipment and remote access.

 "I can think of no one more deserving," his colleagues said in his nomination. "No one could have imagined both a flood destroying almost 50 percent of our building, quickly followed by a work-from-home order for all employees. The latter task alone required hundreds of hours of work within a tight timeline. Glen has spent many hours of his personal time safeguarding our assets, yet not one time have I seen him be anything other than a complete professional. Glen's support of the Global Campus allowed the entire staff to do their jobs under troublesome conditions."

Cheryl Murphy, vice provost for distance education, recognized Dunn as the employee of the quarter at the April staff meeting conducted online.

"I can think of no one more deserving of the Employee of the Quarter than Glen Dunn," Murphy said. "His support of the Global Campus allowed the entire staff to do their jobs under extremely difficult and unprecedented conditions. Global Campus has been there when the university needed us most because Glen has been there for us."

The Global Campus awards the employee of the quarter to recognize outstanding achievements and accomplishments that relate to the unit's goals and the U of A mission. The award recipient receives a commemorative certificate and a monetary award.

Third quarter nominees were Dunn, John Hickey, and Carolyn Smith.

The Global Campus supports U of A academic colleges and schools in the development and delivery of online degree programs and courses, self-paced online courses, and workforce development programs. This unit provides instructional design services, learning technology support, media production services, and assistance with financial administration, recruitment and marketing.

The Global Campus also supports the W.E. Manning Memorial Scholarship, which is open to undergraduate and graduate students studying in online degree programs.


Vicki Martin, assistant to the director of communications
Global Campus


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