Transit and Parking Modifications and Reminders

The ramp portion of Lot 62 is crucial to much activity related to Bud Walton Arena.
Parking and Transit

The ramp portion of Lot 62 is crucial to much activity related to Bud Walton Arena.

Accessibility to two lots on campus — Lot 62 and Lot 46W — has been slightly modified as a result of decisions made by the Transit, Parking, and Traffic committee in its meeting on Jan. 28.

Effective February 7, the ramp portion of Lot 62, which is located between Bud Walton Arena and the new Adohi Residence Halls, changes from faculty/staff parking to faculty and staff at all times.

Ordinarily, students with a parking permit may park in such a lot after 5 p.m., but this change means no students will be granted parking access to the ramp area in Lot 62 at any time. (The decision came about because several student vehicles were regularly left on the ramp area in the mornings when it was needed for events or by those working in or near Bud Walton Arena).

Student permit holders may still park in the other part of Lot 62 after 5 p.m.

The other change was made to Lot 46W, which is adjacent to the Dills Indoor Tennis Center. It was changed from a yellow faculty/staff lot to a green student lot that does not allow overnight parking.

A number of people park in Lot 46E and 46W to catch a Razorback Transit bus at the stop on Leroy Pond Drive, which runs between the two lots.

This change will give students more options in the area but will not keep those with a yellow faculty and staff permit from parking there.

Transit and Parking reminds everyone that the University of Arkansas has a "park-down" system, which means that when you purchase a parking permit, it grants access to areas that are less expensive than the permit you purchased.  (For instance, blue reserved, yellow, or red resident reserved may park in green or in orange).

Quite a few employees who have yellow faculty/staff permits park in green lots regularly. You may see a summary of the options on the parking options chart on the Transit and Parking website.

In addition, the website includes a current map of all the parking areas on campus.

Another reminder is that bikes and e-scooters are not allowed in any parking garage on campus.

As a matter of safety and convenience, Transit and Parking also reminds everyone that no bike or e-scooter may be left on campus in any location other than the designated areas. To do so creates a barrier or a potential hazard for those who are physically handicapped. It can also create an inconvenience to others who are attending events on campus or to those who are going about their business each day.


David Wilson, communications director
Transit and Parking


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