Apply Now to Study Abroad on the Classics in Italy Program This Summer

UA students explore the remains of an ancient Roman bath complex in Ostia Antica, Italy.
R. G. Vennarucci

UA students explore the remains of an ancient Roman bath complex in Ostia Antica, Italy.

This program, which is open to all students with an interest in studying abroad in Italy, will explore how the built environment shapes human behavior through a close "on the ground" comparison of the urban landscapes of modern Italian and ancient Roman cities.

Students will learn how to "read" the urban environment as a reflection of society and group identities, using the architectural, art historical, and archaeological remains they encounter to reconstruct and visualize the lifeways and lived experiences of ancient Romans.

While based in Rome where students will explore iconic sites (e.g. Colosseum, Pantheon) and museums (e.g. Vatican Museums), students will also visit Naples, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Sperlonga, Tivoli and Ostia. Part of the program involves field research for the Virtual Pompeii and Virtual Roman Retail  projects, for which students will develop photogrammetry and basic 3D modeling skills.

Application deadling is Feb. 1. To apply, go to the Hogs Abroad Classics in Italy page

If you have any questions, please contact Rhodora Vennarucci at




Rhodora Vennarucci, assistant professor of classics
Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures


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