New Parking Map Shows Changes Made This Summer

Lot 38 is one area on campus that was modified during the summer.
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Lot 38 is one area on campus that was modified during the summer.

Fold-out paper parking maps for the 2019-20 school year at the University of Arkansas are now available at Transit and Parking, and will be made available at locations throughout campus.

A digital copy of the map is on the Transit and Parking website at

When you look at the new map, you will see new faculty and staff parking areas in the northeast part of campus, and additional resident reserved parking north of Maple Street. Some resident reserved parking is planned east of the new Adohi Residence Halls on Stadium Drive, and that is shown on the new map as well.

There is, however, no firm completion date for the lot adjacent to Adohi.

The campus has the following specific parking changes:

  • Some of the northern and eastern part of Lot 38 is set aside for additional resident reserved parking. Previously Lot 38—located north of Maple Street—was only for those with a yellow faculty and staff parking permit or for those with a blue reserved parking permit. Anyone parking in Lot 38 will need to pay attention to the signage that indicates the red, yellow, and blue sections of the lot.
  • The construction work that extended Leroy Pond Drive through Lot 46 (across from Bud Walton Arena) has created Lot 46W for yellow faculty and staff parking, and Lot 46E for green student parking. Both 46W and 46E will be designated as no overnight parking because it will have a bus stop where individuals can catch a Razorback Transit bus to other places on campus.
  • Lot 56, located north of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and east of Razorback Road, is a green student parking area. The eastern part of the lot will become Lot 56E, and will be an area designated as no overnight parking.
  • Lot 78, south of Douglas Street and east of Whitham Avenue in the northeast part of campus, is a yellow faculty and staff lot that has been refurbished and expanded.
  • Lot 78B, located south of Lot 78, is a new lot for those with yellow faculty and staff parking permits. Lot 78B includes what used to be Lot 10, just north of Maple Street, and a newly constructed area just to the east of Whitham. The new lot is accessible from both Whitham and from Maple, but the Maple entrance is one-way. Drivers may not use it to exit 78B onto Maple. They must leave from the part of the lot that faces Whitham.
  • Anyone who parks in Lot 26 to do business at the Administration Building on Maple Street will need to pay for a metered parking space in the lot. There will be a small loading zone there, but it is not for individuals who are running routine errands. It is for commercial vehicles that are clearly marked as such, and the loading zone will be signed accordingly.
  • A permit for Lot 99 is only $25.70 for the entire school year. Lot 99 is the remote parking area located south of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard between Beechwood Avenue and Hollywood Avenue. Permit-holders can park there and catch a Razorback Transit bus to the heart of campus.

David Wilson, communications director
Transit and Parking


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