Civil Engineering Academy Welcomes New Members, Celebrates Students and Past Members

The Arkansas Academy of Civil Engineering added 12 new members in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the profession.

More than 200 academy members, faculty, staff, students and family gathered April 12 to celebrate the AACE's 39th annual induction ceremony. Three civil engineering students were also recognized for their achievements.

The Arkansas Academy of Civil Engineering is an accomplished group of University of Arkansas civil engineering alumni who have shown exceptional merit. Since its inception in 1981, the group has given more than $1 million to support student success at the University of Arkansas.

The Academy was formed in 1981 by a group of 20 distinguished and forward-thinking charter members. They contribute to the recruitment of new tenure-track faculty and initiated the annual "Evening with the Pro's," which allows students to interact with professionals in all focus areas of civil engineering.

The Academy exists to recognize civil engineering graduates who have made significant contributions to the civil engineering profession.  Members have agreed to support the efforts of the University of Arkansas' Department of Civil Engineering to educate and graduate the next generation of civil engineers who will be expected to continue upholding the high ethics and standards of the profession. 













The 2019 inductees are:

  • Gary L. Carnahan, M.S.C.E., U of A, 1973
  • Matthew D. Dunn, M.S.C.E., U of A, 1998
  • W. Micah Hale, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, 2002
  • David C. Johnston, B.S.C.E., U of A, 1973
  • Tim J. Mays, B.S.C.E., U of A, 1996
  • Andrew 'Andy' McClarrinon – Honorary, B.S.C.E., U of A, 1994
  • P. David Penn, M.B.A., University of Texas, 1991
  • John R. Pownall., B.S.C.E., U of A, 1973
  • Trinity D. Smith, B.S.C.E., U of A, 1998
  • C. Glendon 'Glen' Spears Jr., B.S.C.E., U of A, 1991
  • Evan A. Teague, M.S.E.V., U of A, 1996
  • Gil H. Wootten, M.B.A., U of A, 2000

Civil engineering faculty members also chose three students to honor at the AACE's meeting. They were:

  • Outstanding Sophomore: William Hoisington
  • Outstanding Junior: Julia Loshelder
  • E. Walt LeFevre Outstanding Senior: Khandi Gordon

The Business Meeting was held the following morning in the John A. White Engineering Hall where members made new pledges for providing scholarships for the upcoming academic year totaling more than $70,000.

The group also honored four members who have passed away for their outstanding contributions to the engineering profession:

  • Edward Grubbs, Ph.D., Texas A & M, 1962
  • James Pennington, M.S.C.E., U of A, 1970
  • Kent Shreeve, M.S.C.E., U of A, 1964
  • Lemuel Tull, B.S.C.E., U of A, 1958

Travis Hefley, communications specialist
Department of Civil Engineering


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