Student Body Elects 2019-20 ASG Executive Council and ASG Senate

Students have elected their executive and legislative Associated Student Government officials for the 2019-20 academic year.
Submitted by Associated Student Government

Students have elected their executive and legislative Associated Student Government officials for the 2019-20 academic year.

Students have elected their executive and legislative Associated Student Government officials for the 2019-20 academic year. Next year's ASG executive committee includes:

  • Jared Pinkerton, a junior from Farmington majoring in business management and political science, will serve as the 2019-20 ASG president.
  • Sadie Bryant, a junior from Liberty, Missouri, majoring in finance, accounting and economics, will serve as the 2019-20 ASG vice president.
  • Jack Skidmore, a junior from Salina, Kansas, majoring in finance, will serve as the 2019-20 ASG secretary.
  • Kevin Smith, Jr, a junior from West Memphis majoring in finance, will serve as the 2019-20 ASG treasurer.

In addition, four individuals were selected to serve on the 2019-20 Executive Council by ASG Senate, Judiciary, and Executive-elects:

  • Kianna Sarvestani, a junior from Fayetteville majoring in political science, was selected by the ASG Senate as the 2019-20 ASG chair of Senate.
  • Justyce Yuille, a junior from Little Rock majoring in criminal justice, political science and African and African American studies, was chosen by the ASG Judiciary as the 2019-20 ASGJ interim chief justice.
  • Arianna Kiaei, a junior from Little Rock majoring in international business, was selected by the Executive-Elects as the 2019-20 ASG chief of staff.
  • John Hedgecock, a junior from Bentonville majoring in management with a concentration in organizational leadership, was chosen by the Executive-Elects as the 2019-20 ASG Freshman Leadership Forum coordinator.

In the general election, students also had the opportunity to select senators to represent their specific colleges. The 2019-20 ASG senators are:

Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural Food and Life Sciences

  • Katie Gardner
  • James Gilcrease
  • Bryce A. McWilliams
  • Caleb Parker

J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences

  • Stephanie Barber
  • Levi Brown
  • Grayson Dickinson
  • Garrett Dorf
  • Brandon Fields
  • Gabie Gauthier
  • Bailee King
  • Nathan Martinez
  • Jason Neeley
  • Will Robinson
  • Olivia Schmidt
  • Mackenzie Selby
  • Jake Troye
  • Beck Williams

College of Education and Health Professions

  • Kathleen Bridgforth
  • Natalie Ceniceros
  • Lily Jones
  • Lizeth Martinez
  • Kendall Perkins
  • Ciara Shook
  • Megan Sturdivant

College of Engineering

  • Emily Cumisky
  • Brynn Lea
  • Grayson Lee
  • Esteban Lopez
  • Angel D. Meneses
  • Kate Sego
  • Andrew Stark

Sam Walton College of Business

  • Cassidy Cook
  • Mason Hook
  • Sam Pierce
  • Meredith Wilson

Senate seats not filled in this election will be filled as at-large seats during the fall 2019 ASG vacancy election.

In the general election, the student body also voted in favor of passing two referendum items concerning an increase to the student fee as well approving an amendment to update ASG Constitutional language. Specifically, students voted for a 2.5% increase in the student activity fee per year for 5 consecutive years for student programs, and approved an amendment to update ASG Constitutional language regarding senate seat allocation during elections to reflect the correct administrative capabilities in classifying students.

General elections were conducted on March 4-6. Due to candidates not meeting a majority threshold of votes, a run-off between two executive tickets was conducted April 1-3. On April 4, the ASG Judiciary certified the results and made the official announcement of the new representatives on April 5 on the South Terrace of the Arkansas Union. For more information regarding specific numbers and results, please visit

The Associated Student Government at the University of Arkansas is a student-led organization that acts as an organized voice for all students and strives to effectively represent student interest. Questions about ASG can be directed to 479-575-5255, or ASG is a program in the Division of Student Affairs.

About the Division of Student Affairs: The Division of Student Affairs supports students in pursuing knowledge, earning a degree, finding meaningful careers, exploring diversity, and connecting with the global community. We provide students housing, dining, health care resources, and create innovative programs that educate and inspire. We enhance the University of Arkansas experience and help students succeed, one student at a time.


Associated Student Government,
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Scott Flanagin, executive director of communications
Division of Student Affairs


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