Angie Smith-Nix Elected President of the Sport and Recreation Law Association

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Angie Smith-Nix, a clinical assistant professor in the Health, Human Performance and Recreation department at the U of A, was recently elected president of the Sport and Recreation Law Association at the SRLA Annual Conference in Philadelphia.

The Sport and Recreation Law Association's mission is to further the study and dissemination of information regarding legal aspects of sport and recreation. According to the SRLA website, members "may teach or be students at institutions of higher education (sport and recreation management programs, law schools), practice law, operate risk management firms, or serve in other related fields. The SRLA Journal and SRLA Annual Conference feature case reviews and leading edge research on legal issues for professional, intercollegiate, interscholastic and recreational sport."

Smith-Nix has been a contributing member of SRLA since 1998. She has collaborated with at least nine SRLA members for more than 20 presentations focused on risk management issues. She served as SRLA Secretary from 2010-2012, reporting minutes, tracking membership, and navigating issues with the board. Smith-Nix also served on the Site Selection Committee.

A nomination letter noted, "During her tenure with SRLA, the organization has more than doubled in membership, negotiated a name change and led the way for research and dissemination of information of legal issues in Sport and Recreation. Angie will promote marketing and membership growth while maintaining SRLA's integrity. She knows that SRLA board initiatives that represent the needs and interests and the membership and Sport & Recreation communities are key to SRLA's continued success."

Smith-Nix's dissertation examined the impact of state laws on teachers and coaches and recommended SRLA as a platform to present the finding. This introduction to SRLA fueled a passion to provide safe environments for all. Title IX issues have been at the heart of her current research. Smith-Nix, along with Merry Moiseichik and Jean Henry, presented on the following topic at this year's SRLA Conference: "Intersectionality of Policy: Transgender Rights and Public School, State Law and Athletic Association Policies." Smith-Nix and Henry had a second poster presentation titled "From Reactive to Proactive: Exploring Institutional and Personal Costs of Locker Room Accommodation in Public Schools" which addressed the safety and privacy afforded transgender students in physical education and athletics.

Smith-Nix has had a wide array experiences requiring attention to legal and risk management issues, including teaching and coaching basketball, gymnastics, track & field, dance lines and cheerleaders, and managing fitness and aquatic centers.

The nomination letter noted that this work "demanded attention to safety, policies, regulations, and laws. She has successfully negotiated these concerns."

Smith-Nix has balanced budgets, calculated payroll, scheduled employees/facilities, and more when working with city and corporate boards, the nomination letter states. She has taught risk management, coaching, fitness, swimming, weight training, and other classes. She has also served in administrative roles and chaired and served on numerous department, college, and university committees. She has been elected to state, regional, and national organization Boards.

"Dr. Smith-Nix has the passion, commitment, and desire to help SRLA continue to grow as a leader in Sport & Recreation Law," the letter concludes.


Angela Smith-Nix, Clinical Assistant Professor
Health, Human Performance and Recreation


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