Campus Safety Reminders for Drivers, Bikers and Walkers

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. - More than 33,000 people - students, faculty and staff -- fill the University of Arkansas campus most days. And that doesn't count visitors. Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians all need to be alert and looking for potential safety hazards around the campus.

Lives can depend on it.

Drivers should remember to be aware of crosswalks, speed limits and heavily trafficked areas as they make their way across campus. The busiest streets are Garland Avenue, Maple Street, and the Dickson Street and McIlroy Avenue intersection, and extra precautions should be taken by everyone in the vicinity. As bike lanes and bike-sharing programs such as VeoRide become more popular, drivers must remember to share the road bikes as well as other vehicles.

Bike riders also need to do their part to promote safety on campus. This includes walking their bikes in high-traffic areas, both streets and sidewalks, wearing appropriate safety gear, maintaining a reasonable speed around pedestrians, and using the proper signals, including hand signals for turns and vocal signals for pedestrians. Bikers are also required to follow traffic rules when using public streets.

By state law, pedestrians have the right of way when crossing a street, but that is not a guaranteed protection. Pedestrians should always remember to check the road before attempting to cross;  activate the flashing lights at crosswalks whenever possible to alert drivers; and make eye contact with oncoming drivers before stepping into a crosswalk.

Both drivers and pedestrians also need to limit distractions, particularly electronics, as they travel across campus. Texting while driving is dangerous and illegal, but using a phone while walking is also a potentially dangerous distraction.

The university hosts multiple events throughout the year to raise awareness about safety issues facing the campus. The Associated Student Government will host a Crosswalk Safety Awareness event Thursday, Feb. 21. There is an annual  Crosswalk Safety Awareness Day in October, a bike safety block party in August and the 2019 Bike Fest will be held this March.


Breanna Lacy, Communications Coordinator
Facilities Management


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