Discover Turkey at Holcombe Global Series

Discover Turkey during this month's Holcombe Global Series.

The presentation starts at 8 p.m. today in Holcombe Hall's living room.

The evening features a short presentation followed by a sampling of a traditional Turkish dish, dolmas.

Throughout history, diverse civilizations have found their home in Turkey.

"People generally don't know a lot about Turkey because it blends in with all the other small Mediterranean and middle eastern countries, but it has a very unique culture made up of lots of different traditions. It is truly a melting pot of all the qualities of the continents that surround it,"said presenter and student Duru Erkan. "Turkey is welcoming, Turkey is home."

Turkey is a transcontinental country located mainly in Western Asia. It's long been considered a country that straddles both Europe and Asia, geographically and culturally.

"With current events, people forget that there is still life and culture going on in Turkey, as well as any other country currently going through some issues on the other side of the ocean. It's important to be able to look past those things and find humanity where it exists," Erkan said. 

This event is open to all within the university community. Attendees are encouraged to bring friends and engage with the presenters after the presentation.

Global Series is an on-going program and Panama marks the kick-off event for the spring semester.

Global Series 2019 Spring Schedule:

  • February 13: Turkey
  • February 27: USA Day
  • March 13: Germany
  • March 27: Laos
  • April 10: Grenada
  • April 24: Malaysia

About the Holcombe Global Series: The Holcombe Global Series focuses on new countries each month and gives international students at the University of Arkansas the opportunity to showcase their home country. American students are also invited to share their study abroad experiences. The series is presented by International Students and Scholars and University Housing. Follow us on Facebook.

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Tess Constant, graduate assistant
University Housing

Christopher Spencer, assistant director of strategic communications
University Housing


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