UA Bus Charters Is New Name for Razorback Charters

UA Bus Charters assists with student recruitment efforts, field trips, conferences, and special events like football game days.
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UA Bus Charters assists with student recruitment efforts, field trips, conferences, and special events like football game days.

Razorback Charters — not to be confused with Razorback Transit — is changing its name to University of Arkansas Bus Charters.

Both the newly named UA Bus Charters and Razorback Transit operate within the University of Arkansas Transit and Parking Department, but they have different functions.

Razorback Transit is made up of the larger passenger buses that are often seen running regular routes on campus and throughout Fayetteville. Its ridership is made up mostly of students and employees at the University of Arkansas, but the buses are open to anyone in the area who needs to ride. Razorback Transit charges no fare to passengers.

UA Bus Charters has a different purpose. It began operation in 2009 as a way to provide affordable charter service to organizations on campus and in the community. UA Bus Charters does not run regular routes for public transportation like Razorback Transit, but instead contracts with departments and various entities to transport groups of individuals to prescribed locations at agreed-upon times and dates.

Because it has always charged below the market rate for charter services during its nine-plus years of operation, UA Bus Charters has helped departments and organizations collectively save almost $1 million in charter expenditures, and as a result, it also grew right along with the university. Changing to the new name is consistent with that growth and with its renewed purpose.

UA Bus Charters will continue to coordinate logistical concerns on campus with visitors arriving by bus, and it will also contract with various groups to provide needed transportation. Contracted charter arrangements include class field trips, university conferences, new student recruiting, summer camps, the annual Walmart shareholders' week, home football games, and men's home basketball games. All of this is done with an emphasis on efficient traffic flow, security, and safety for everyone on campus.

Part of the rationale for the name change to UA Bus Charters is to prevent confusion its name and Razorback Transit, a common occurrence on campus and also a problem for vendors and companies that do business with the university.

A name change not only provides the charter operation with a fresh start for the future, but also helps provide clarity about the different roles within the Transit and Parking Department.

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David Wilson, communications director
Transit and Parking


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