U of A Research Assistant Commits to Healthier Lifestyle Through University Recreation

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With a desire to lose weight before her wedding day, Stephanie Hood decided it was time to get serious about her fitness journey.

"Throughout the years, I had tried all sorts of things to lose weight. I had success with Weight Watchers, only to gain the weight back as soon as I quit tracking points," said Hood.

Hood works as a research assistant in the Department of Biological Sciences while also working toward a master's degree in cell and molecular biology. She found the services she needed for a healthier lifestyle on campus from the department of University Recreation.

From personal training sessions to weekly yoga classes, Hood fully immersed herself in regular exercise. She began noticing positive changes in the way she felt physically and mentally, but the changes did not happen overnight.

"After my wedding, I enrolled in Small Group Training classes and that totally changed my fitness game," said Hood. "Now, I am enrolled in Small Group Training twice a week and I am running three times a week."

Getting on a good fitness routine can be a difficult task, and staying dedicated to that routine can be just as difficult. Stephanie was able to utilize UREC facilities and programs as tools to help her stay on track.

Hood said that the encouragement she receives from personal trainer and fitness/wellness graduate assistant, Ryan Owen, has made the largest impact on her commitment to regular exercise.

"I never thought I'd be capable of what I am today. From the very first time I met Ryan, he made me feel included and worthy. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer to help me discover my true potential," said Hood.

Since participating in these UREC programs, Hood has experienced more muscle definition, weight loss, and decrease in body fat percentage.

Hood encourages others who are seeking a healthy lifestyle to participate in the programs offered at University Recreation.

University Recreation is offering a 15 percent discount on personal training packages through Dec. 14. For more information on UREC's membership and programs, please visit urec.uark.edu or call 479-575-4646.


Lindsay Smith, assistant director
University Recreation
501-831-2332, ltlarso@uark.edu


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