Animal Science Hosts International Banquet

Banquet attendees fill their plates with international foods.
Lauren Husband

Banquet attendees fill their plates with international foods.

In celebration of International Education Week at the U of A, the Animal Science Graduate Student Association (ASGSA) hosted a colorful and fun international banquet on Wednesday evening at the Pauline Whitaker Animal Science Center.

Animal Science graduate students, faculty, and staff gathered for a night of new foods and cultural expression. Each attendee brought a dish from their home country or region, which included over 20 dishes ranging from Chinese black mushrooms to Mexican chicharron salsa verde to Louisiana gumbo. During the banquet, students and faculty gave presentations about their homeland. Rwandan families wore traditional dress, a German professor hosted a German trivia game, and an Indian student decorated the floors with stunning rangoli art.

Animal Science is proud to be a diverse and welcoming department with scholars from many corners of the world. Happy International Education Week!


Lauren Husband,
Animal Science


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