Paige Hill Selected as Student Leader of the Month for September

Paige Hill
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Paige Hill

Paige Hill has been selected as the Student Leader of the Month for September. Originally from DeWitt, Arkansas, Paige came to the University of Arkansas to major in hospitality. She currently serves as the volunteer coordinator for UARK Cardinal Nights. Paige has stated that a large reason she became so involved was to help create a fun and safe environment on campus.

When asked what she thought a leader's most important qualities were, Paige said, "I believe that the most important thing is communication. As a leader, people are looking up to you and it is your job is make sure that you are taking everyone's opinions into consideration. If you are the only one making decisions, your team will not come together and thrive. You have to listen to everyone that you are leading to make sure that you are being the best leader that you can be." Paige also identified Amarachi Onyebuekeas a mentor, stating that "she helped me through so much and I honestly do not know if I could have done it without her."

Paige's advice to other leaders is to "make yourself available."

She said, "This is all that your team is going to want from you. They want to know that you will be there for them whenever they need you. Make time for the people around you, let them know that you are willing to be there for them all the time." Her favorite quote is "See the light in others and treat them like that's all you see."

The Student Leader of the Month award, sponsored by New Student & Family Programs, recognizes University of Arkansas undergraduate students for their excellence in leadership through campus involvement, leadership activities, or through volunteer and community service.  Get more information about the award.


Vincent Phillips, program coordinator
New Student and Family Programs


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