Sunsetting the Achieve IT Initiative

Three years ago, based on feedback from deans, faculty, administrators, and students, IT Services created a strategy to address technology needs. This led to the launch of our Achieve IT initiative to address gaps in the U of A's technology foundation. 

Key projects on this roadmap included improving help-desk experience, planning for classrooms of tomorrow with new technology, replacing an analog phone system, increasing network reliability, and much, much more.

Significant progress has been made this year, but more work remains to create the foundation of technology that our university deserves. This fall you'll see and hear more from IT Services as they implement the final projects of the Achieve IT initiative.  

Over the next few weeks, updates on projects including the campus telephone system, customer service initiative, and classroom technology will be shared so the campus understands where we've been and where we're going.  

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Chris Butler, director, Communications
University Information Technology Services


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Chancellor's Chat with Faculty Set for Tuesday, March 26.

Please RSVP before 4 p.m. March 21 to be one of eight faculty members selected

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