New UA Graduates First to Receive an eDiploma in Addition to Paper Diploma

New UA eDiploma
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New UA eDiploma

University of Arkansas graduates can now download an electronic diploma. Beginning this spring, graduating students will receive an eDiploma automatically in addition to their paper diploma. The eDiploma is a signed and certified PDF of the official paper diploma. Once downloaded, each eDiploma can be validated by clicking on a URL on the left side of the document. 

"We are happy to provide the eDiploma option to our students," said Dave Dawson, associate vice provost for enrollment services and university registrar. "While the diploma is not often used domestically for degree verification, it is internationally. Our international students, and our students applying for international jobs, may find the eDiploma to be a useful and convenient document. And other students may find it satisfying to have an electronic version of their diploma."

The eDiploma cannot be printed and is intended to be used solely as an electronic document. After receiving an eDiploma, students can forward the document electronically and can download the document by either opening and saving it or dragging it directly to their desktop.

Students who graduated before this spring can request an eDiploma online at the Diploma Order page. Each eDiploma costs $5 per order, payable by debit or credit card. The diploma will bear the signatures of the current chair of the Board of Trustees, the president of the university, and the chancellor.


Dave Dawson, Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment, Registrar
Registrar's Office


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