Transit and Parking Launches Online Survey

The University of Arkansas Transit and Parking Department website has an online survey to give students and employees the opportunity to provide feedback about transportation and parking issues.

The survey may be directly accessed through

U of A Transit and Parking communications director David Wilson said the intention is to give everyone an opportunity to provide information that can be used as the department makes adjustments and as they make plans for the future.

"We know that within almost any school or organization," he said, "people often complain about the food, about communication (or lack thereof), and about parking. And we know that the University of Arkansas is no exception."

Sometimes the complaints are fair criticism. At other times the complaints come even though the situation isn't bad when compared to other organizations.

Wilson said that the complaints that they usually hear about parking are pretty much the same complaints that arise at other major universities.

He said if you look online or on social media to see what students are saying at other places in the region like Missouri, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, or LSU, that students criticize the parking the same way they do here.

"But that doesn't mean," he said, "that we can't learn from listening to what people say. That's the main reason we designed this survey. If they can provide ideas that help us make things better, we certainly want to hear them."

The survey deals with communication, customer service, parking facilities, bus transportation, and other issues. It is a Qualtrics survey with 17 questions that can be answered with a simple click, and two open ended questions with a field that allows participants to construct a response.

The survey will be available through Saturday, March 31. The Transit and Parking Department plans to analyze the data it generates and share results before the semester is over.



David Wilson, communications director
U of A Transit and Parking


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