Network Everywhere Phase Two Completed

Each day, more than 80,000 mobile devices transmit 13 terabytes of data over the university's wireless network. To support growing usage, IT Services is working hard to expand capacity through the Network Everywhere project. 

Last fall, 175 access points were added to 23 administrative and research buildings across campus. Wi-Fi coverage was also added to the Greek Theatre stage for the first time. This work followed up the first phase of Network Everywhere in 2016 that expanded Wi-Fi access in 30 academic buildings. 

"Think of the access points like lanes on the road. The more we add, the greater number of devices will be able to connect in more places. The result is a stronger, more reliable connection," Devyn Moore, network enterprise systems team lead, said.

Currently, there are more than 4,600 access points throughout campus. As this number grows, students, faculty and staff will find it easier to stay connected as they move from building to building. 

"Our campus now has more uniform Wi-Fi coverage than ever before, making it possible to meet the level of coverage our students, faculty and staff need for learning and working on campus," Elon Turner, director of infrastructure systems, said. "Campus IT leadership is committed to ensuring that strong Wi-Fi is a leading benefit of being at the University of Arkansas. It will take continual investment, improvement and feedback from the campus to keep pace with the rapidly changing Wi-Fi technologies and needs."

This phase of the Network Everywhere project also brings 20 new network switches and 16 UPS battery backups for more reliable connectivity. Technicians also upgraded several campus buildings to 10Gbps connections, including Ferritor Hall, the Chemistry and Biochemistry Building, Stone House and West Avenue Annex. 

"The best thing about being in IT, and especially networking, is that the job is never done," Turner said 

To learn more, visit the Network Everywhere Phase Two project page.


Erin C. Griffin, content strategy/IA specialist
University Information Technology Services


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