Microelectronics-Photonics Program Adopts Section of Frisco Trail

Microelectronics-photonics students, faculty, staff and their families clean up the program's adopted section of the Fayetteville Frisco Trail.
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Microelectronics-photonics students, faculty, staff and their families clean up the program's adopted section of the Fayetteville Frisco Trail.

Students, faculty and staff in the microelectronics-photonics graduate program are giving back to the Fayetteville community by maintaining a section of the city's Frisco Trail between Center Street and Prospect Street.

"Many of our students, faculty and staff enjoy the fabulous trial system we have in this area," said Rick Wise, director of the microelectronics-photonics program. "I think they take some pride in helping maintain a part of it for all to enjoy."

Though the program has rigorous research and academic standards, the microelectronics-photonics faculty and staff also place a strong emphasis on soft skills that will help students succeed in the workplace. Corporate citizenship is one of many soft skills the program addresses.

"We want to emphasize this way of thinking to our students and make them aware that community service and volunteering can be differentiators that companies look for when selecting employees," Wise said.

The microelectronics-photonics program adopted the trail in summer 2016 and hosts a minimum of one cleanup day per semester. The program's community service coordinator is responsible for organizing and recruiting participants for the cleanup days. Doctoral student Joseph Batta-Mpouma is the current community service coordinator.

Microelectronics-photonics students participate in several outreach activities, in addition to maintaining their section of the Frisco Trail. Taking a break from academics and spending time in the community is something the students have come to enjoy.

"This type of volunteer activity gives students a complete break, for a few hours, from their graduate research and classes," Wise said. "It allows them to spend time visiting with and getting to know other students in the program and members of the community."


Amanda Cantu, director of communications
Graduate School and International Education
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