Flutemaker to Give Free Guest Lecture

Erik Nugent will give a guest lecture for the Department of Music at 11 a.m. today, Oct. 3. The talk will take place in the Music Building, Room 335, and include a presentation of Nugent's experience as a flutemaker for more than 17 years.

His talk, "The Flutemakers Point of View," will cover a range of topics including the early history of the Boehm flute, acoustics of the modern flute, optional keys and materials, as well as general maintenance. Nugent will bring a range of flutes including historical and professional flutes to illustrate concepts of the lecture. Participants in the lecture will have a chance to try out the flutes and ask questions. 

Nugent is a 17-year veteran in the flute making. Originally from North Carolina, he received his training in handcrafting flutes in Boston, Massachusettes. After several years of working for Verne Q. Powell and David Williams, both prominant flute manufacturers, Nugent relocated to Little Rock. There he runs Nugent Flutes, a retailer and repair shop for flutes. 


Justin R. Hunter, administrative specialist III
Department of Music
479-575-4702, jrhunte@uark.edu


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