Honors College Forum to Track Trump's First Year

In addition to their focus on policy, students in Trump 365 will discuss key staff changes within the Trump Administration.
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In addition to their focus on policy, students in Trump 365 will discuss key staff changes within the Trump Administration.

The Honors College launched its Forum series by tracking the 2016 presidential election; now students will have the opportunity to study President Trump in action.

The Honors College Forum series brings star faculty and top administrators together with honors students to discuss trending issues. Trump 365 will follow the Trump administration, with a particular focus on domestic and foreign policy issues and other major developments in the first year.

"In this seminar students will be able to experience history as it's being made," says Noah Pittman, assistant dean of recruitment and retention in the Honors College and instructor of Trump 365. "Considering the partisan political climate in the U.S. today, I think it's important for students from all political viewpoints to come together to debate the policy issues that are at the forefront of the Trump administration."

Participants in the class will be expected to apply what they learn with projects outside of the classroom, including conducting interviews with voters from both sides of the political spectrum.

The first few weeks of the seminar will lay the groundwork for the course by focusing on the American presidency, including its constitutional underpinnings and the evolution of the executive branch. Students will explore a variety of policy questions, including:

  • What should President Trump do about North Korea?
  • What's the future of the United States' relationship with Russia?
  • What progress has the president been able to make in regard to his domestic agenda?

Class discussion will be the foundation of the course. The semester will culminate with students acting as external political consultants for the White House, making group presentations in which they will provide a recommendation on how President Trump should address a specific policy issue and what effect that particular stance could have on his chances of reelection in 2020.

All honors students, regardless of their political views, are invited to apply for Trump 365. The deadline to apply is Oct. 15. The course will meet on Mondays from 5-6:15 p.m. during the spring 2018 semester.


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