CAT 3 Cyclists Needed for Paid Research Study

Experienced cyclists are wanted for a research study that will include four cycling trials over four weeks and $150 compensation.

The Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Arkansas is now enrolling for a new study to evaluate the effects of different modes of hydration while cycling in the heat. The study will take place over four weeks and require that you visit the lab on five occasions.

For participation you will receive:

  1. VO2 Max Test
  2. Body composition determination by "DXA scan"
  3. Knowledge of your personal hydration status
  4. $150 compensation

For more information, contact:

J.D. Adams
University of Arkansas

This study is conducted under the direction of Stavros Kavouras. The protocol has been approved by the University of Arkansas Institutional Review Board for human subjects in research.



J.D. Adams, doctoral student


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