Arkansas Alumni Association Honors the Class of 2016 Seniors of Significance

Class of 2016 Seniors of Significance
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Class of 2016 Seniors of Significance

The Arkansas Alumni Association honored its second class of Seniors of Significance during a reception at the Janelle Y. Hembree Alumni House on Dec. 3. Seventy-one graduating seniors, commemorating the university's founding date of 1871, were recognized along with their faculty or staff mentor.

The 71 students were selected from 400 nominations and represent each University of Arkansas undergraduate academic college. These are exceptional seniors who combine academic achievement, leadership skills and substantial extracurricular campus and/or community activities.

This year celebrates the 51st year of honoring a senior male and female undergraduate through the Senior Honor Citation program, as well as the re-established Razorback Classics program. Students selected as Seniors of Significance have the opportunity to update their application in the 2016 spring semester to be further considered for these awards. During the reception, the Seniors of Significance received a special honor cord to wear during graduation.

2016 Seniors of Significance

Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Science

  • Paige Acklie – Mentor: Jennie Popp
  • Elise Clote – Mentor: Emerald Hames
  • Toni Jankovski – Mentor: Eric Wailes

Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design

  • Adel Vaughn – Mentor: Carl Smith

J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences

  • Grant Addison – Mentor: Freddy Dominguez
  • Joshua Anderson – Mentor: T.K.S. Kumar
  • Haley Birch – Mentor: Casey Kayser
  • Sara Bryant – Mentor: Kristin Erickson
  • John Cale – Mentor: Timothy Kral
  • Timothy Carroll – Mentor: Jaime Baum
  • Sydney Cason – Mentor: Karen Sebold
  • Madeleine Chaisson – Mentor: Eric Hall
  • William Cheatham – Mentor: Christopher Shields
  • Alex Chunn – Mentor: Gerald Jordan
  • X'avier Clayton – Mentor: Parice Bowser
  • Rachel Deems – Mentor: Jan Wicks
  • Andrew Dixon – Mentor: J. Laurence Hare
  • Kevin Dunavan – Mentor: Steven Worden
  • Micahel Franzetti – Mentor: Nan Smith-Blair
  • Morgan Farmer – Mentor: Jody Preece
  • Whitney Frierson – Mentor: Anna Zajicek-Wagemann
  • Anna Gibson – Mentor: Gisela Erf
  • Amy James – Mentor: Nan Zheng
  • Kristen Kent – Mentor: Mattias McIntosh
  • Coleen Kretzer – Mentor: William Oliver
  • Ashlyn Kubacak – Mentor: Alishia Ferguson
  • Stephanie Long – Mentor: Nathan Parks
  • Molly McKinstry – Mentor: Megan Witherspoon
  • Kwamesha Moore – Mentor: Andrea Allan
  • Blair Peterson – Mentor: Robyn Starling-Ledbetter
  • Alison Schroeder – Mentor: Sidney Burris
  • Dilasha Shreshtha – Mentor: Kathryn Koziol
  • Hannah Jane Steinweg – Mentor: Shane Barker
  • Margaret Watermann – Mentor: Benton Brown
  • Ryan Wendt – Mentor: Fran Hagstrom

Sam M. Walton College of Business

  • Flavia Araujo – Mentor: Rodger Hunter
  • Hannah Birch – Mentor: Vikas Anand
  • Tanner Bone – Mentor: Melissa Harwood-Rom
  • Brittany Brunson – Mentor: Molly Rapert
  • Helen Chen – Mentor: Carole Shook
  • Bailey Hart – Mentor: Dub Ashton
  • Riley Nelson – Mentor: Craig Rennie
  • Meera Patel – Mentor: Vikas Anand
  • Andrew Pisechko – Mentor: Robert Stapp
  • Elizabeth Pittman – Mentor: Molly Rapert
  • Rachel Reece – Mentor: Robert Stapp
  • Wheeler Richardson – Mentor: Vikas Anand
  • Rachel Stoehr – Mentor: Carole Shook
  • Elizabeth Tanner – Mentor: Richard Lawrence
  • Audrey McClain – Mentor: Carole Shook
  • Ray Todd – Mentor: Jody Preece
  • Anna Vasquez – Mentor: Robert Stapp
  • Clayton Wall – Mentor: Skip Rutherford
  • Kelsey Wheelhouse – Mentor: Vikas Anand

College of Education and Health Professions

  • Jared  Collins – Mentor: Tyrone Washington
  • Heather Elswick – Mentor: Rodger Hunter
  • Hadley Lewis – Mentor: Tyrone Washington
  • Hannah Pavey – Mentor: Bonnie King
  • Melissa Wolff – Mentor: Amber Shirey

College of Engineering

  • Teni Butler – Mentor: Edgar Clauson
  • Ryan DuChanois – Mentor: Richard Coffman
  • Reagan Fix – Mentor: Charity Walker
  • Daniel Fritsche – Mentor: John White
  • Ailon Haileyesus – Mentor: Myunghee Michelle Kim
  • Andres Herrera – Mentor: Thomas Carter
  • Christian Heymsfield – Mentor: Greg Scott Osborn
  • Jessica Lizarazu – Mentor: Edgar Clausen
  • Erika McGovern – Mentor: Jeremy Herman
  • John Mark Vaughan – Mentor: Lt. Col. Buster McCall
  • Seth Washispack – Mentor: David Zaharoff

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