Covering events on campus

Most of the University of Arkansas campus is considered public, and media members are welcome to visit campus. There are some instances in which privacy and safety issues override the university’s public status:

  • Residence halls. Students living in residence halls on campus have an expectation of privacy similar to that of someone living in an off-campus house. Media members should contact the office of university relations at 479-575-5555 if they have questions about interviewing a student at the student’s residence hall.
  • Private events. Occasionally, facilities of the university are leased by private organizations for events. Media members should contact the private organization for information about covering those events.
  • Emergencies. If a portion of campus were to be affected by an emergency, such as a tornado or a crime, access to unsafe areas or crime scenes might be limited. Media members can check with the office of university relations or the university police department for more information in those instances.
  • Classrooms. Media are not allowed to enter classes without permission. In classes for which permission has been granted, individual students in the class must still give consent for being filmed or photographed. Contact the office of university relations at 479-575-5555 to request permission.