Parking Lot Changes, New Parking Fees and Rules Are Now in Effect on Campus

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Everyone who parks at the University of Arkansas is experiencing changes in where they can park, what it costs to park and even how they park.

The changes are the result of new construction on campus that has eliminated several parking lots; Board of Trustee- approved fee changes; and preparations for a new parking operations system to be implemented later this year. As a result, there are new parking lot designations, new fees and new parking rules now in effect on campus.

Lot Changes

The designations have changed for parking lots 31, 31E, 32, 33, 33A, 35, 37, 38, 77, and the remote section in lot 56.

  • Reserved parking lots 32, 33, and 33A are now closed for the construction of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority house. 
  • Parking lots 38 and 10 spaces in the south row of lot 35 are now Reserved parking areas. The remainder of lot 38 is still Faculty/Staff parking.
  • Parking lots 31 and 31E are now Faculty/Staff parking.
  • The new parallel parking spaces on the east side of South Stadium Drive, between Clinton and Bulldog, are now designated as Resident Reserved Zone 4, for Pomfret Hall. 
  • Remote parking has been removed from lot 56. The location of the new Remote parking is now the Baum Stadium West Lot.
  • The parking meters have been removed from lot 37. Customers needing metered parking should park on level 3 of the Garland Avenue Garage and pay the meter fee.

Fee Changes

Parking permit fees have increased by about 3 percent for all types of permits except Faculty/Staff permits for employees earning less than $40,000 annually. This permit fee did not increase.

The violation fee for parking on campus without a permit/e-Permit increased from $40 to $50. This violation now includes having more than one vehicle on campus at the same time using the same e-Permit.

A new violation for parking in a lot designated as “no overnight during the prohibited hours” was established at $75.

Failure to properly display a vehicle license plate was also added to the definition of permit not properly affixed or displayed, a $10 violation.

New multiple-space parking meters have been ordered and will be installed before classes begin in August. These will replace the multiple-space meters currently in use in the Garland Avenue, Meadow Street and Stadium Drive garages. They will be added to the Harmon Avenue Garage, replacing the gates and pay on foot stations. These new meters will accept coins and credit cards as well as a pay by phone option called Whoosh!. Whoosh! can be downloaded from the Android or Apple store at no charge.

These changes were approved by the Transit, Parking and Traffic Committee. Please contact Transit and Parking at if you have questions about this information.

Regulation Changes

Vehicles in campus parking lots must now park head-in only. Backing into parking spaces or pulling through to the next row is now prohibited, even for vehicles with a front license plate. Failing to park a vehicle head-in will result in a $20 citation. This is to accommodate the new license plate recognition system that is being implemented on campus.

More information will be provided about the new license plate recognition — LPR system in the near future. 


Gary Smith, director
Transit and Parking

Steve Voorhies, manager of media relations
University Relations

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