Participants Needed for Paid Study Involving Exercise in Heat

We are seeking 20 trained (exercise more than 2.5 hours/week) male volunteers for a study that includes 2 exercise trials with 24 hour follow-up visits, where participants will perform mild muscle damaging exercise followed by running in the heat for about an hour followed by recovery.

Participants will receive individual sweat rates, VO2max results, a free bone density scan and report of body composition via DEXA, and $40 after completing the study. In order to participate, you will have to record diet logs, have no current injury, have no history of heat illness in the past 3 months, and not be taking medications that affect kidney function. Further, participants will be asked to complete 2 trials (one hydrated and one dehydrated), each with a 24-hour follow-up visit.

If interested, please contact Cory Butts at


Cory Butts, graduate assistant
Health, Human Performance and Recreation

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