Registered Student Organizations: Re-register Now for 2017-18

Registered Student Organization re-registration for the 2017-18 academic year is now open. This year, RSOs are transitioning to HogSync, a powerful new RSO management tool that will help students connect with RSOs — and allow a paperless registration system. To help student leaders transition to HogSync, this year's re-registration process requires as the first step an officer orientation/HogSync training at which the RSO re-registration will be completed.

To re-register your RSO:

  1. Create your personal HogSync profile (see below for instructions).

  2. Gather required information:

  • Gather a list of all your RSOs officers and ask them to create a HogSync profile prior to you registering the RSO — see below for instructions.

  • Ask your adviser(s) to create a HogSync profile as well.

  • If you have fewer than six officers, please also gather enough members to total a minimum of six (all officers must be listed; you are only required to list members if you have fewer than six officers). Again, ask them to create their HogSync profile prior to you registering the RSO.

  • RSO Constitution (for this first year every RSO will have to upload the constitution into HogSync).

  • RSO Purpose Statement/Description.

  • Optional: If you wish to upload a member roster you will be provided the opportunity to do so.

  • Optional but highly recommended: If you wish to upload a photo to be displayed to students seeking information about your RSO, you will be provided the opportunity to do so.

3. Schedule a HogSync officer orientation session for the president and treasurer to attend (preferably at the same time). Note: space is limited. Additional times will be scheduled for July 1-Sept. 15.

4. If possible, bring a laptop so you can set up your organization during the training session.

To create a HogSync profile:

  • Visit

  • Click "Sign In"

    1. If you have previously created a profile you will be prompted to sign in with your UARK credentials.

    2. If you have not created a profile:

      1. Search for the University of Arkansas

      2. Login using your UARK email credentials

      3. Complete your custom profile

All current RSOs that plan to be active during the 2017-18 academic year must complete the registration process between April 17 and Sept. 15. New RSOs are eligible to form at any time during the academic year. Current RSOs that miss the April-September window will be able to re-register for the Spring semester in January 2018 but will not have benefits during the Fall 2017 semester.

RSO benefits for the 2016-17 academic year expire June 30, 2017, so the Office of Student Activities recommends re-registration prior to leaving for summer. When your group forms an RSO, you open up a world of opportunities to make your group as successful as possible! To become an active RSO, check out the requirements on the OSA website. For more information about Registered Student Organizations or the re-registration process, contact the Office of Student Activities at 479-575-5255 or email


Registered Student Organizations,
Office of Student Activities

Scott Flanagin, executive director of communications
Division of Student Affairs

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