Become a Graduate or International Student Ambassador

The Graduate School and International Education is seeking applications from students who want to serve as ambassadors.

Student ambassadors assist the Office of Graduate and International Recruitment with on campus recruitment events, campus visits and tours, social media, blogging, videos and other activities that support student recruitment for the University of Arkansas.

Student ambassadors are paid positions, with a maximum stipend of $300 per semester. There is a maximum commitment of 25 hours per semester, and a training session will be held for all new ambassadors.

Applicants must have excellent verbal and written communication skills and interpersonal skills, as student ambassadors will regularly communicate and interact with prospective students and members of the campus community. 

The application form is available on the Graduate School and International Education website. The application submission deadline is April 10. For inquiries, email

Current Ambassador Testimonials

"I became a Graduate Student Ambassador because I love meeting new people, making friends, and helping those in need. If I can guide students in the right direction by helping them choose a graduate program or answering questions they may have about the university, I feel like I have made a difference." — Kendra Farnsworth, 2016-2018 Graduate Student Ambassador

"As an International Student Ambassador, you have the unique opportunity to attend various events on campus and share your knowledge with current and prospective students … all while getting paid! Our schedule is really flexible because we have the ability to choose what event on campus we want to attend each week. I have attended events such foreign film screenings, discussions on different current events, various performances, a multitude of amazing lectures, and I have learned how to make spring rolls. I recommend this opportunity to anyone and everyone! It is a commitment of a few hours per week and allows you to get to know a side of the U of A community that you wouldn't know otherwise. It also allows you to reflect on your university experiences while you write blogs to pass on the wisdom you have gained as a student to current and prospective students." — Selina Baner, 2015-2017 International Student Ambassador

"I joined this program because I really wanted to improve my communication skills, develop strong leadership abilities, increase self-esteem, promote international education on campus and, above all, improve my knowledge of University of Arkansas. I have loved every moment of being an International Student Ambassador." — Joshua Sarpaning, 2016-2017 International Student Ambassador


Amanda Cantu, director of communications
Graduate School and International Education

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