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Carrie Pennington
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Carrie Pennington

Carrie Pennington, administrative analyst in the Department of Industrial Engineering, was recently recognized by the Arkansas State Employee Association as an Outstanding State Employee. For the award, faculty comments were solicited for the nomination packet.

Among the multitude of glowing comments, John White, Distinguished Professor and chancellor emeritus had this to say, "Her devotion to the university's 'Students First' attitude is evident in all the things she does that are beyond what is expected of her. Carrie possesses an enormous love for people, especially students. Our students return the sentiment and consider Carrie their 'go‐to' person."

Pennington is a favorite of the students and faculty in the department, receiving many awards. Carrie's exemplary service is recognized immediately by students. In 2013, she received the Golden Tusk Award. The award is given to members of our community for going above and beyond, making campus life a little better for everyone who lives and works here. She has been twice selected by the Arkansas Academy of Industrial Engineering as Support Staff Member of the Year (2012 and 2016). In spring of 2016, Pennington was selected as Employee of the Semester by the College of Engineering and then Employee of the Year. She was also selected as University Employee of the Quarter by the Staff Senate.

"Carrie's friendly customer service attitude makes students feel welcome and cared for. Members of our faculty and alumni have also noted her commitment to excellence in all she does. We are fortunate to have her in Industrial Engineering," said Ed Pohl, Professor and Department Head.

Pennington began her career with the state of Arkansas in 2002 with the State Highway Department. She transferred to the University of Arkansas in January of 2006 and worked with the Civil Engineering Department as an administrative specialist. In 2010 she was hired as an administrative specialist in the Industrial Engineering Department.


Tamara O. Ellenbecker, media specialist
Industrial Engineering

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