Course Designation Process Underway for Service Learning Initiative

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Beginning December 1 U of A faculty will be invited to register their service learning course with the University of Arkansas Service Learning Initiative. The Initiative Committee, formed in May, has representation from each College on campus, and has created a formulized service learning definition and criteria. A central database of service learning courses on the university campus will enable students to search through available opportunities and can facilitate collaboration across subject areas.

The Initiative asks faculty to register their courses in order to gain official service learning designation. The Initiative will spread awareness regarding service learning opportunities and will work to find resources to enhance and expand current and future service learning opportunities. Registered courses will be marketed through the Service Learning website, social media sites, and will be the first to receive news regarding funding opportunities that coincide with service learning courses. Eventually, it is our hope these courses will be searchable through ISIS and receive service learning designation on the transcript.

The course registration form is linked from the Course Designation Tab on the Faculty Resources page of the Service Learning website  Faculty are encouraged to review the complete list of survey questions found on the Course Designation page before linking to the Qualtrics form. Applications will be reviewed monthly. To ensure courses are registered in time to meet summer/fall online registration deadlines, faculty are encouraged to submit the form no later than January 9, 2015.

For more information, contact Morgan Atwood at  


Morgan Atwood, Service Learning Graduate Assistant
Service Learning Initiative

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