Central Core of Campus to Become a 'Walk-Only' Zone

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – The center core of the University of Arkansas campus will become a “Walk-Only” zone, beginning Monday, Aug. 25. Bicycle riders will be required to walk their bikes and skate boarders to carry their boards, no delivery vehicles will be permitted on the sidewalks, and only a few authorized service vehicles will be allowed in the area.

The Walk-Only zone will be in effect from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The zone (see map below) is essentially bordered by the Arkansas Union on the west, Campus Walk on the east, the School of Law and Agriculture buildings on the north and the Fine Arts and Chemistry buildings on the south.

Bicyclists and skateboarders are asked to dismount when traveling through the core of campus, defined by the red box. Signs will be posted at each red dot.

“Our concern is safety,” said Steve Gahagans, director of the University of Arkansas Police Department. “We have very heavy pedestrian traffic in this area all through the day, and particularly when classes are changing. When you add bicycles, skateboards, golf carts and service vehicles the congestion becomes dangerous. We have had several pedestrians injured by bike riders in recent years – and we’ve had many complaints of close calls. This plan will make the sidewalks safer, without any major inconvenience.”

Facilities management will post large “sandwich board” signs at the approaches to the Walk-Only Zone (see red dots on map) to alert riders before they enter the zone. University Police will be patrolling and enforcing the new policy.

The policy has been discussed and is supported by campus staff and faculty leadership, the Division of Student Affairs, and representatives of the Associated Student Government.


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University Relations
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