University of Arkansas Police Department Filming Active Shooter Training Video

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FAYETTEVILLE -- The University of Arkansas Police Department, in conjunction with The Division of Student Affairs, will be filming an active shooter training video on August 4, at the J.B. Hunt Building.  The video will demonstrate how to respond to active shooter incidents and will become available campus-wide after completion.

The video is a collaboration between UAPD and UA Productions, a group of student filmmakers working in the Division of Student Affairs. This video will follow a gunman through a campus building, giving the viewer instructions on what to do should they encounter this situation.

“This video will be very realistic,” said Capt. Matt Mills, who is in charge of emergency management for UAPD. “We will have police officers using weapons equipped with blanks. Students, faculty and staff will be acting in the role of victims.”

Signs will be posted on the doors of the building and the grounds around the building notifying the campus community that there is a movie being made. The production will start at 8 a.m. and run through most of the day.


Scott Flanagin, executive director of communications
Division of Student Affairs

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